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David Everett

This is to advise that the JCS Kegworth Premier Loughborough Autotest, organised by Loughborough Car Club, will now be held on Saturday 3rd September 2005. This date change has been sought in accordance with MSA Regulation B8.4(c).

May I take this opportunity to thank all registered contenders for their understanding and support.

Kind regards

30th June 2005

Round 4 - Hartlepool & DMC, 26th June.

Home win for Paul Swift

This event took competitors to the North East for the annual visit to Hartlepool. The event is held in the shopping precinct car park with excellent viewing for spectators on an elevated walkway. It was another hot sunny day and the underground parking provided a useful area to cool off. The area is limited allowing two tests to be laid out at a time. Three runs were completed before lunch followed by two runs at a different pair of tests in the afternoon. Hartlepool and District Motor Club make everyone very welcome and provide lots of awards.

The local favourite was Paul Swift (Mini Special). He did not have things all his own way when he collected a penalty and handed the lead to Duncan Wild (ABS Freestyle) after four tests. By lunch Paul was back in the lead. Paul had to leave early to go racing at Croft later in the day so he completed his afternoon test before everyone and left not knowing if he had done enough to win. This was not in doubt as neither Malcolm nor Duncan could close the gap. Dave Mosey brought the Mini for Adele and him to drive. Although quick, Dave collected several penalties which kept him out of contention... It looked as though Duncan was going to collect his second runner-up spot of the year but the gremlins returned and on test nine the top nearside wishbone broke. Cue Dave Cook who had finished his runs and out with the welder again. A quick weld of the broken part on the car were all that there was time for as the event was almost over. With the marshals waiting five minutes at the end Duncan put the repair to good effect and clipped 0.3 seconds off his first run to finish fourth, just behind Dave.

Gavin Dickson threw the Nova around the confined car park to good effect to take the saloon class while Steve Morten held off the challenge of Dave Cook to win class E. Helen Perren and Adele Mosey battled for the ladies prize with Helen taking the class. A nice touch from the organisers was to give each of the three ladies a bunch of flowers. Stuart Perren took the Secretary of the Meeting award for best turned out car, his homebuilt Retrotester which also finished fifth overall and third in class.

Round 3 - Maidstone & Mid Kent MC, 4th June.

Gone to the Dogs

The Demon Tweeks Direct BTRDA Autotest Championship moved to the South East for the Maidstione and Mid Kent MC event on Saturday 4th June. Paul Swift took the first of two well deserved wins in the weekend in his usual Mini Special.. This win puts him in the lead of the MSA Championship after three events. By contrast the battle for second was much closer. The wide open tests at the Sittingbourn Stadium were a reel challenge with no real advantage to any type of car. Some tests had a slippery gravel surface while others provided more grip. After two rounds of four tests, Duncan Wild (ABS Freestyle) was 0.1 seconds in front of Chris Atkinson (Subaru Buggy) with Malcolm Livingston (Lotus 7) less than a second further back. The final round of tests were decisive with Chris loosing time on the last test which he said was due lack of sleep following the birth of their first baby, Charlie. This let Gordon Holmes (Westfield) through to fourth, his best result of the year. Although Malcolm kept a clean sheet he was unable to dislodge Duncan from second. This was the first event this year that the ABS hasn?t suffered a mechanical breakage. Roger Holder (Mini), winner of the event two years ago, also suffered from penalties but took a well deserved fifth. One unfortunate driver was Dave Sowman who drove down from Yorkshire only to have his car fail on the first line of the first test. This problem has been recurring this year and no one could find the fault so Dave headed North.

The event started at noon to give the long distance travellers time to reach the South East. The event was run very slickly with awards presented by 4pm. This gave everyone time to clean up and enjoy an evening at the Dogs organised by the Maidstone Mafia.

Results: Overall; 1 P Swift (Mini Special) 746.9; 2 D Wild (ABS Freestyle) 798.5; 3 M Livingston (Lotus 7) 800.2; 4 G Holmes (Westfield) 810.4; 5 R Holder (Mini) 811.6; 6 C Atkinson (Subaru Buggy) 815.4

Class: A. B Bridge (Mini) 920.5; B. R Holder (Mini) 811.6; C. D Stephens (Nova) 882.5; D K Lower (Escort) 1069.8; E S Morten (Striker) 853.2; F. M Livingston (Lotus 7) 800.2; G. P Swift (Mini Special) 746.9

Round 2 - Bolton le Moors CC, 24th April

Lucky Swift

Paul Swift in his Mini Special pulled out all the stops to take a comfortable, although lucky win on the third round of the Demon Tweeks Direct BTRDA Autotest Championship. It could have been very different had Paul broken his gear lever at a more critical part of the second test. Malcolm Livingston in the Lotus 7 was unable to match Paul?s times as he battled with Duncan Wild (ABS Freestyle) for second spot. The position was finally settled on the fourth set of tests when Duncan hit a high kerb a glancing blow. Although the impact did not appear too great it took the front suspension off the ABS resulting in immediate retirement. This elevated Roger Holder (Mini) into the top three.

The closest battle was between the Novas of Gavin Dickson, David Mosey and Ken Sturdy. First to falter was Gavin with a broken CV joint then with a gap of only a tenth of a second going into the last test Ken got out of position leaving Dave Mosey with the class win and fourth overall.

The event was held in warm weather on the M61 Services near Bolton. Three tests were laid out and they provided a fitting challenge for this event which also counted towards the MSA British Autotest Championship.

Results: Overall; 1 P Swift (Mini Special) 804.2; 2 M Livingston (Lotus 7) 835.4; 3 R Holder (Mini) 860.6; 4 D Mosey (Nova) 881.3; 5 J Wilson (Westfield) 885.7; 6 K Sturdy (Nova) 886.7

Class: A. S Johnson (Mini) 948.2; B. R Holder (Mini) 860.6; C. D Mosey (Nova) 881.3; E. M Livingston (Lotus 7) 835.4; F. P Swift (Mini Special) 804.2

Round 1 - Herefordshire Motor Club, Foxley Autotests, 3 April

Family Honours

Malcolm and Viv Livingston, sharing the Lotus 7 which is driven to each event, took top honours on the second round of the Demon Tweeks Direct BTRDA Autotest Championship. Malcolm led from the start to take his first FTD of the season, having missed the first event when he was Clerk of the Course. Viv was the fastest lady. Paul Swift (Mini Special) was paying the penalty of a night out with joint clerks of the course, Alistair and John Moffat. He made a slow start with an early penalty which put him 10 seconds behind Duncan Wild (ABS Freestyle). The gap was still ten seconds at lunch but it was a different story in the afternoon when the gap was closed to a second after round three and finally Paul took second place from Duncan. Mixing in with the sports cars and specials was Roger Holder in his Mini. Fourth place and a class win was Roger?s reward for his efforts.

Chris Atkinson was challenging for a top position but withdrew from the last run of tests to accompany his friend Paul to Hereford Hospital. Paul had his leg badly cut when there was a collision between Anthony Preston?s Mini and Chris?s Buggy on the road between tests. Paul was stitched up and allowed home on Sunday evening. Fortunately there were no broken bones. We wish him a speedy recovery.

Dave Cook found the Alfa Buggy suited the fast flowing tests on the Foxley estate and won his class from a lucky Stephen Morten (Striker). Steve had a rear suspension arm bend and when straightening it he found that the bracket on the axle was broken. Bob Barker, Gordon Holmes and Steve made a speedy trip to Bob Barker?s house, about 20 minutes away where the offending bracket was re-welded. The three returned to complete the tests in quick succession. Gordon finished second in class and Bob fifth in class.

During the day the paddock looked more like a busy service area. Several cars suffered breakages, not least Duncan Stephens with his new Nova. It refused to run when turning right. After much head scratching a fuel problem was identified, just in time to complete the final two runs at each test. Unfortunately the maximums during the morning put him well out of the running. Gavin Dickson (Nova) kept up his 100% class winning record this year with an excellent drive. Father Cecil Dickson withdrew his entry so that he wouldn?t damage the buggy he is about to trade in for a Northern Irish prepared Westfield which he says will be used for AutoSOLOs as well as Autotests.

The event was well received by the competitors who enjoyed the dry weather and challenging tests. Well done to the new Clerks of the Course.

Results: Overall; 1 Malcom Livingston (Lotus 7) 945.2; 2 Paul Swift (Mini Special) 956.7; 3 Duncan Wild (ABS Freestyle) 966.1; 4 Roger Holder (Mini) 977.7; 5 Gordon Holmes (Dutton) 761.0 6 Dave Cook (Alfa Buggy) 766.7; 7. Graham Powell (Harrison) 1034.6; 8. John Wilson (Westfield) 1035.2; 9. Gavin Dickson (Nova) 1036.4; 10. Mike Biss (Nova Special) 1057.9

Classes; B Roger Holder (Mini) 977.7; C Gavin Dickson (Nova) 1036.4; E Dave Cook (Alfa Buggy) 1028.8; F Malcolm Livingston (Lotus 7) 945.2 ; G Paul Swift (Mini Special) 956.7.