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Report from the final round Loughborough CC Autotest.
Steven Ferguson absence from the final round to attend the opening round of the Irish Championship, didn't stop him winning the 2011 Link Up Ltd MSA Autotest Championship, Richard Pinkney was the only driver who could take the title from him, but needed FTD and a large class entry to overhaul Ferguson. When it became obvious that the class numbers were not there Ferguson did not need to make the long trip over from Northern Ireland.
Outgoing Champion Alastair Moffatt won the final round his first MSA victory of 2011, Moffatt in his Mini Special dominated the early tests after a heavy downpour before the start made the course very slippery and he opened up a lead that he was then able to hold to the finish. Richard Pinkney picked up a maximum on Test 3, which cost him 20 seconds, he recovered back to 2nd in class and just under 10 seconds behind the Caterham of Simon Echlin.
Roger Holder won the Road Going Class in his Toyota Starlet and finished 14th overall, his efforts clinching him 3rd overall in the Championship.
Event Top 3
1. Alastair Moffatt           Mini Special   795.6
2. Simon Echlin              Caterham 7    811.9
3. Richard Pinkney        Caterham 7    821.8
Top 6 Championship Final Positions (MSA Flag Winners in Bold)
1.   Steven Ferguson      61pts
2.   David Thompson      60pts
3.   Roger Holder             60pts
4.   Alastair Moffatt         59pts
5.   Richard Pinkney       59pts
6.   Rob Rolston              58pts
Class Winners
Class A: Rob Rolston
Class B: Richard Bass
Class C: Richard Pinkney
Class D: Alastair Moffatt
Class E: Brian Sharpe
That's all folks until next year.
Report from Round 7 Crimson Dynamo Autotest, Owen MC
Richard Pinkney drove the wheels off his Caterham over the final three tests to clinch FTD and keep open his title hopes, Pinkney was just over 10 seconds adrift of Steven Ferguson after Test 9, Ferguson made a small mistake losing nearly 6 seconds on Test 10 and had no answer to the pace of Pinkney over the final two runs, who won the event by 2.7 seconds.
Reigning Champion Alastair Moffatt's title hopes ended on Test 2, when he suffered yet another driveshaft failure and picked up a maximum penalty. David Thompson continued his domination of Class B in his Nova and finished a 6th overall. There were class wins for Rob Rolston (Mini) and Roger Holder (Toyota Starlet).
With just the final round remaining Steven Ferguson has one hand on the Trophy and only needs a class win to secure the title, Richard Pinkney needs to win the final event for the championship to go to a tie breaker.
Event Top 6
1.  Richard Pinkney       Caterham 7     681.8
2.  Steven Ferguson      Mini Special     684.5
3.  Simon Echlin           Caterham 7      685.0
4.  Sam Bowden          Mini Special      693.4
5.  Alastair Moffatt       Mini Special      712.1
6.  David Thompson     Vauxhall Nova   714.6
Championship Top 6 (Best 6 scores)
1.  Steven Ferguson   61pts
2.  David Thompson   60
3.  Alastair Moffatt     57
4.  Rob Rolston         57
5.  Brian Sharpe        53
6.  Richard Pinkney   50
Report from Round 6 Fern Furnishing Alwoodley MC Autotest
Richard Pinkney kept his MSA title aspirations open after winning the Alwoodley Autotest in his Caterham 7 after a day long battle with Steven Ferguson's Mini Special. Ferguson's challenge ended with his gearbox broke on Test 14 and he collected a 30 second penalty, but some amazing pit work saw the gearbox changed in less than 40 minutes, which allowed Ferguson to finish the event and recover to 5th overall.  This also allowed Alastair Moffatt to claim a valuable class win to stay in touch.  With dropped scores now coming into effect at the next round it is all to play for, with five drivers still in with a chance to win this years title.
Event Top 6
1. Richard Pinkney   Caterham 7   832.2
2. Simon Echlin        Caterham 7  850.7
3. Robin Lyons         Mini 1400      851.0
4. Alastair Moffatt     Mini Special  857.4
5. Steven Ferguson  Mini Special  865.4
6. Dave Evans          Blitz Special  905.8
Championship Top 6
1st=  Steven Ferguson     Mini Special           60pts
         David Thompson     Vauxhall Nova        60
3rd   Alastair Moffatt         Mini Special          57
4th   Rob Rolston              Mini 1380             47
5th   Brian Sharpe            Daihatsu Charade  44      
6th   Mike Sones              Mini Special          41
Report from Round 5 of the Link Up Ltd MSA Autotest Championship.
Steven Ferguson took his third straight MSA Championship FTD at the Tim Sargeant Memorial Autotest in Wrexham.  Ferguson kept it clean throughout the day in very tricky changeable weather conditions, Reigning Champion Alastair Moffatt started the day badly with two penalties in the opening round, Moffatt fought back and had closed the gap to just over 5 seconds, but another penalty on the final round meant that the win was out of reach. Moffatt now needs to win the final three rounds to retain his British title.
Richard Pinkney (Caterham) came through after a wrong test to to finish 3rd , Dave Mosey in a Mini also wrong tested on the opening test, but recovered the win the class and 7th overall.  There were also class wins for David Thompson (Nova) and Roger Holder (Starlet).
1.  Steven Ferguson   Mini Special  685.0
2.  Alastair Moffatt     Mini Special  688.3
3.  Richard Pinkney   Caterham 7   719.6
4.  Mike Sones         Mini Special  724.0
5.  Gordon Holmes    Westfield      726.2
Championship Positions:
1. Steven Ferguson   51
2. David Thompson   50
3. Alastair Moffatt     47
4. Roger Holder        40
5. Rob Rolston         39
Next Round 24th July Alwoodley MC.
Round 4. The Hartlepool Championship Autotest organised by Hartlepool & District MC

Steven Ferguson took his second FTD of the year after a day long battle with Alastair Moffatt on the Seaton Carew seafront venue. Moffatt had held the upper hand and had built up a lead of 14.1 seconds, but a drivehaft failure cost him a 20 sec penalty and he promptly followed with a line penalty on the following test, allowing Ferguson to ease to victory.  Mike Sones picked up his first podium of the year making it a clean sweep of Mini Specials on the top steps.

David Mosey returning to the championship after a two year layoff, showed that the magic was still there bringing the Mini home in  5th overall and 1st in class, closely followed by the Nova of David Thompson, who took class B honours.
Event Top 6
1.  Steven Ferguson    Mini Special      752.1
2.  Alastair Moffatt       Mini Special      769.1
3.  Mike Sones           Mini Special      791.8
4.  Simon Echlin         Caterham 7       795.2
5.  David Mosey          Mini                 813.6
6.  David Thompson    Nova                 822.6
Championship Top 6.
1st=  Steven Ferguson   Mini Special     40pts
        David Thompson    Vauxhall Nova  40
3rd   Alastair Moffatt      Mini Special     38
4th= Rob Rolston          Mini                 30
       Roger Holder         Toyota Starlet   30
6th  Dave Evans            Blitz Special     27
Round 3 Juniper Autotest: Organised by CSMA NEL Group
Steven Ferguson took his first MSA Autotest FTD at Sunday's Juniper Autotest, Ferguson driving his 1400cc Mini Special had to replace his engine overnight after a crank failure at the previous day's Kent Driver Autotest, but drove a faultless event, setting consistently quick times.  Reigning Champion Alastair Moffatt suffered a broken exhaust early on, which dropped him about 8 seconds and along with a rare penalty, he was unable to close the gap. Richard Pinkney's challenge also faltered after two penalties, which allowed Simon Echlin through to win the sports car class and snatch second overall. David Thompson had another stunning drive in the Nova winning his class and bringing the car home in 6th overall. Rob Rolston won the Mini class and Roger Holder won the Road Going class in a Toyota Starlet. 
Event Top 6
1.    Steven Ferguson    Mini Special      720.6
2.    Simon Echlin         Caterham 7       731.6
3.    Alastair Moffatt      Mini Special      733.4
4.    Richard Pinkney    Caterham 7       735.0
5.    Duncan Wild         ABS Freestyle   772.0
6.    David Thompson    Vauxhall Nova   776.3
Championship Top 6 After Round 3.
1=  David Thompson      30 pts
      Rob Rolston            30 pts
      Roger Holder           30 pts
4=  Steven Ferguson      29 pts
      Alastair Moffatt        29 pts

6    Brian Sharpe           25 pts

Round 2 Kent Driver Autotest: Organiseed by Maidstone & Mid Kent MC
Sports car drivers Simon Echlin and Richard Pinkney dominated the Kent Driver Autotest after the Mini Special of Steven Ferguson picked up an early wrong test.  Pinkney had the event in the bag up until the final test, when he had a temporary blank and forgot where he was going and allowed the Caterham of Echlin to win by less than 3 seconds. Alastair Moffatt had dropped back behind Ferguson after a slow test which included a penalty, but an engine problem on Ferguson's special cost him another maximum time which allowed Moffatt back up to 3rd overall.  David Thompson, Rob Rolston and Roger Holder all took class wins in the saloon classes.
Event Top 6
1.    Simon Echlin        Caterham 7     754.4
2.    Richard Pinkney   Caterham 7     757.2
3.    Alastair Moffatt     Mini Special    776.7
4.    Steven Ferguson  Mini Special    783.8
5.    Chris Chapman    Raw Striker     797.7
6.    Ian Chapman       Raw Striker     801.2



The Bolton Autotest scheduled for the 17th April and organised by Bolton le Moors MC has been cancelled due to venue problems. Click here for MSA Bulletin .

The 2011 championshipwill now consist of 8 rounds with the best 6 to count.

Nic Ayre Championship Co-ordinator


Foxley Autotests : Herefordshire MC

Alastair Moffatt’s defence of his MSA Autotest Title got off to a shaky start when he dropped 20 seconds on the opening test after a driveshaft failure, but wrong tests from his nearest class rivals over the opening round saw him back to the front of the class. MSA debutant Steven Ferguson was one of those rivals and wrong tested twice, but put in some stunning times to recover from 24th to 6th overall and 2nd in the Specials class by the end of play.
Richard Pinkney should have taken advantage in the Caterham, but engine failure sidelined him after only 6 tests, which left Simon Echlin to take a comfortable overall win.
David Thompson won the Nova class with another strong drive to 5th overall, Rob Rolston took the Mini class and Roger Holder won the Road Going class in his Toyota Starlet.

Top 6 Overall.
1.            Simon Echlin                 Caterham            777.2
2.            Alastair Moffatt               Mini Special        802.1
3.            Malcolm Livingston         Lotus 7               819.3
4.            Ian Chapman                  Raw Striker         842.1
5.            David Thompson             Nova 1600           842.1
6.            Steven Ferguson             Mini Special        844.8

Championship Top 6
1st =       Alastair Moffatt               10pts
              David Thompson              10pts
              Roger Holder                   10pts
              Rob Rolston                    10pts
5th=        Lee Valentine                  9pts
              Steven Ferguson              9pts